Athletic Schedules

2018-2019 Volleyball Schedule

Date                Day                             Opponent                              Location

10/22              Monday                      South Creek                          Freedom

10/24              Wednesday               Meadow Woods                   at Meadow Woods

10/29              Monday                      Bye                                         Bye

                Monday                      Walker                                    at Walker

11/7                Wednesday               Innovation                             at Innovation

11/12              Monday                      Hunter’s Creek                     Freedom

11/14              Wednesday               Lake Nona                            Freedom

All Wednesday games will begin at 5:00 pm and Monday games will begin at 5:30 pm.  The boys will play first, immediately followed by the girls.  Entry for adults is $3, entry for students and children is $2.

Volleyball Fest (Playoffs)

Only the top three teams from each cluster will advance to the playoffs.

11/28              Wednesday               Playoffs, 1st RD                    T.B.A.

12/3                Monday                      Playoffs, 2nd RD                   T.B.A.

12/5                Wednesday               Playoffs, Quarter-Finals      T.B.A.

12/10              Monday                      Playoffs, Semi-Finals          T.B.A.

12/12              Wednesday               Playoffs, Finals                    T.B.A.

Girls Coach: Tessa Folch 

Boys Coach: Francisco Salazar

Athletic Director: Cheri Morrill
407-858-6130 ext. 5062244