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Carolyn Thomas

Carolyn Thomas, Lead & 6th grade School Counselor
[email protected] x5062248

I am a proud mother of one beautiful daughter, I am educator with almost 12 years of classroom experience under my belt (private, charter, and public school) and I am a Florida Certified School Counselor! Helping Adolescents is my passion and purpose in life. I believe every person walking this earth has a purpose and if I can help my students begin to develop their purpose I feel as though I have been successful at what I am here to do. Adolescent years are very tough and they getting tougher by the day. Our students are having to navigate through territory that we never had to at their age. That is why I have dedicated my services to making sure that each student on our campus feels as though they have someone that they can reach out to when they are struggling. Whether it be academic, social or emotional issues, I am here to support.

Kimberly Belmote

Kimberly Belmonte, 7th grade School Counselor
[email protected] x5062275

My most favorite job has been a mother to my remarkable college age daughter. Having the privilege of watching her grow and experience the changes that are normal to a child's development has strengthened my ability as a counselor. My 23 years of being a counselor has been with middle and high school students. Middle School can be the toughest time in an adolescents life and I'm here to guide that struggle and help a student realize their potential. I'm originally from New England and I'm happy to be here in Florida enjoying the warm winters!

Richard Cook

Richard Cook, 8th grade School Counselor
[email protected] x5062274