Pure Panther

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Become P.U.R.E Panther

As part of our continued focus on creating a positive culture here at Freedom Middle School, we will be implementing our P.U.R.E. Panther program over the course of the next year. This system will not in any way replace the discipline protocols enforced through the T.L.C. office. It is simply an additional layer to the caring relationship between faculty and student.

What is P.U.R.E.?

Positive- While this system will not replace our current discipline protocols; it will provide the structure by which the entire faculty can recognize correct student behavior with positive consequences.

Universal – The time and the place of this positive recognition is universal. Anywhere, any place, any time, by anyone, for any student. Whether it is the classroom, hallway, courtyard or cafeteria attention can be drawn to a student’s good behavior. The structure for providing this positive, universal feedback will focus on simplicity and immediacy while requiring minimal effort for both faculty and student.

Response- “If you do this, then I will give you that,” is a reward for a specific requested action. While this “paycheck” type reward may be positive it does little to shape student behavior. The structure of P.U.R.R.S. is designed to respond to any desired student action immediately, without establishing a prior Quid Pro Quo. By responding immediately to the student’s choices rather than requesting and rewarding a task, students are empowered to seek out multiple scenarios which may prompt a positive response.

Environment- Teaching, Learning, and Caring are Freedom Middle School’s Environment. Being P.U.R.E. Panther is one aspect of the caring culture needed for teachers to teach and students to learn and enjoy doing it.