Curriculum Leader: Barbara Woods,

Teacher's Name Grade Level Email Voicemail
DeLong, Jennifer 6 5064292
Oquendo, Iris 6 5064293
Woods, Barbara 6 5064294
Altenor, Sanley 6 & 7 5064263
Oukhauia, Amal 6 & 7 5064315
Johnson, Keeely 7 5064312
Laramore, Ana 7 5064313
Duncan, Chaundra 7 5064314
Feigenbaum, Benjamin 8 5064304
Hodge-Gomez, Juan 8 5064327
Floyd, Michelle 7 & 8 5064328
Hughes, Kamila 7 & 8 5064278
Ransom, Erika 7 & 8 5064326


Mathematics Description and Overview:

OCPS Mathematics curriculum provides a comprehensive and coherent set of goals for all students. The curriculum is in alignment with the Florida Standards, adopted in 2014, and provides an outline for what each student should know and be able to do. 

Our belief is that ALL children can learn mathematics, and we will ensure that all students have the opportunity to do so. Freedom Middle School is dedicated in our efforts to provide rich, rigorous mathematics instruction to all students and ensure that all students in our diverse school have equal access to a quality education.

Middle School Curriculum Resources



  • Guide to Secondary Math HMH Resources
    View this video for guidance on how to effectively access and utilize the online resources available for your child's Math course.
  • HMH Overview - Math
  • HMH Dashboard - Math
  • LaunchPad
    Log on to LaunchPad to access online resources specific to your child's grade level and school. To log on, enter your student's ID# on line 1, your child's date of birth in yyyymmdd format on line 2, and OCPS on line 3.