Before School Policies

  • Students are not allowed to be on campus before 9:00 a.m. each morning unless they are attending a school sponsored activity. 
  • Once a student arrives on campus either by car, bus, bicycle or foot, he/she is not permitted to leave without administrative permission.
  • Parents are requested to deliver and pick up students in the designated car pickup and drop-off loop. Please do not use the bus loop or parking lot for pickup and delivery of students. Students and parents are requested to use the official crosswalks for your safety.
  • Students are to remain in the courtyard area until the student bell rings.

After School Policies

  • Students are encouraged to leave the building by 4:15 p.m. each day.
  • If a bus is late, bus students should remain on the school grounds in the bus loading area.

Absences - Florida law requires student attendance each day school is in session. When absent from school, students must bring a note the day they return to the Attendance Office from their parent/guardian giving the student’s full name, reason for the absence, date(s) of the absence and parent’s/guardian’s signature and telephone number. The absence will be marked unexcused without a note. Excessive absences will be referred to the social worker.

Excused Absences - Excused absences include illness of a student, serious illness or death of a member of the student’s immediate family, special and recognized religious holidays observed by the student’s faith and emergency situations.

Tardies - Students who are tardy must report to the Attendance Office to obtain a pass to class. Students with excessive tardies may be subject to disciplinary action and/or referral to the social worker.

Leaving School - Once students arrive on campus, they are expected to remain on the school grounds. In order to leave campus, students must follow these Orange County Public Schools’ guidelines:

  • The parent or legal guardian must come to the Attendance Office to sign a student out of school. Proper identification must be presented.

Clinic - The school has the responsibility for first aid only. In cases of illness, the student will be cared for until the parent arrives at school or the student is returned to class. In all cases, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact a parent using the information on file. In case of minor injury, attention will be given and the student will return to class. In case of a major injury, first aid will be given and the parent will be notified using information on file. The principal or his designee will determine when emergency vehicles will be called. If a student needs to take medication, the parent/guardian must bring the medicine in its original container, fill out the required form, and leave it with the health assistant. Teachers will give the student a pass to take the medication at the appropriate time.

Withdrawals from School - All withdrawals require a parent/legal guardian’s signature on the withdrawal form. All books must be returned at the time of the withdrawal.

Visitors - All visitors are required to report to the main office to sign in immediately upon entering campus. Students must not bring visitors to school without permission. All visitors should wear name tags while on campus and remember to sign out upon leaving.