ESE Staff
ESE Staffing Specialist: Behavior Specialist:
Yarin Rodriguez Kelsey Kroenung
407-858-6130 x5064239 407-858-6130 x5064236
[email protected]
 [email protected]

ESE Teachers
Teacher's Name Role Email Voicemail
Maria Bonilla SF Teacher [email protected] 5064304
Tatiana Sifontes VE Teacher [email protected]
Kelsey Kroenung Behavioral Specialist [email protected] 5064236
Charusa Shadah de Ramos SF Teacher [email protected]
Solana Padilla VE Teacher [email protected]
Miranda Rosado VE para [email protected]
Roxana Pietri VE para [email protected]  
Quinby Mitchell VE para [email protected]  
Lynette Ruiz VE para [email protected]  

OCPS Assurances:

  • Assure that all students with disabilities show annual improvement in academic achievement and make progress toward closing the achievement gap.
  • Eliminate unnecessary referrals to special education.
  • Assure that all students with disabilities are educated in settings with their non-disabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate to meet their needs.
  • Eliminate the disproportionate classification and placement of minority students in special education.
  • Increase access for all students with disabilities to career, technical education and post-secondary opportunities.
  • Align district professional development resources to support OCPS in meeting the goals of the ESE Strategic plan.